Sub conscious mind is aware of our PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE LIVES.

Welcome to the astonishing world of past life regression (future life progression), which I believe will be a very memorable trip of your life to my website. Manjunatha Shastry, Strongly believe that every human being on the earth is surrounded with some or the other problems in life. All of us wander through out, searching for solutions. But, the solutions for the all problems are there within us. Our Sub conscious mind knows about the solutions. Manjunatha Shastry has dedicated himself to talk to your sub conscious mind and find a solution (Parihara) for all your problems.
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy' is a Science which helps heal a person with various conditions, at all levels.

Manjunatha shastry, a Engineer in Electronic & telecommunication and ahypnotherapist, has specialize in past life regression (and Future Life progression) hypnotherapy, and have retired from E & TC field to devote full-time to the rapidly expanding international hypnotherapy practice. With the magic of soul healing and hypnotherapy, almost anything is possible!

Manjunatha shastry has specialized himself in the followings.
1. Spirit releasing
2. Past life regression (future life progression)
3. Cure chronic diseases
4. Resolve psychosomatic problems
5. Resolve unsolved medical problems

We are experienced at helping problems such as:
1. Anxiety, stress and mood swings that seem out of character
2. Concentration and memory problems which are not normal to the person
3. Multiple personalities, switching between various behavior patterns
4. Depression, loss of energy for no apparent reason
5. Shock, bereavement and panic attacks which can leave one feeling vulnerable
6. Suicidal urges which happen suddenly and for no apparent reason
7. Substance / alcohol / food abuse / self harming
8. Phantom illnesses
9. Childhood abuse which cannot be forgotten/forgiven
10. After anesthetic when one may be vulnerable to psychic attack
11. Non-responsive inflammatory or metabolic conditions that refuse to clear
12. Repetitious worrying nightmares that can cause sleeplessness/night terrors
13. Hearing voices, feelings of being watched
14. Sensing or seeing presences
15. Poltergeist activity, haunting, demonic possession
16. Accidents happening to you or visitors to your home
17. Cold unwelcoming areas
18. Unexplained bad odors in the house, vermin or slime traces