"Woman with severe sciatica for two years says there was no reason for her pain. She woke up one day with intense pain and couldn't stand up or walk. Mr.Manjunatha shastry says, "Karma is root cause for one's success or failure in life." She receives soul healing and Divine pearl and immediately she could walk down the stairs and touch her feet without pain.

- Sandhya

"Manjunatha Shastry deeply, lovingly and precisely with spirit, mind, emotions and body, as both a healing practitioner and a teacher. As a healer, he works deftly and profoundly with both subtle and dense levels of experience. He is also a gifted generous teacher of these skills, able to convey both mystery and practicality with directness, warmth and humor. I consider him a master healer, one who continually masters the illusions of duality to bring himself and others to new levels of awareness -- awareness of our innate health, wholeness and holiness."

- Manohara

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